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I think it has to be taken on a stream-by-stream basis. While Little River has been extremely low most of the summer, and Cosby almost dried up totally, to give two examples, the N.C. side had plenty of water and good temperatures, at least where we fished. If the water is low and warm, don't fish that area; chances are, you won't get a fish to rise anyway. If the temps are still in the "go" range (low 60s), it's a different story. Most of the time, I get a fish to hand in a matter of a few seconds - I keep my casts as short as possible. Just use a little common sense.

On the good side, I did see on the water vapor satellite loop that there actually is some moisture working its way into the atmosphere over the Smokies; the last few days, the air has been bone dry. It's pretty pathetic to be cheering for humidity, but you take whatever small victories you can. In the meantime, we might have a pretty decent storm (Dean) to deal with next week.
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