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As Byron stated in an earlier report in his talking with Walter Babb, Walter had stated that these trout had survived through millions of years of abuse in the elements. I whole heartedly believe that statement to be true. Now leading to your question regarding morality of the trout in droubt conditions we must add a "few" factors!

1) Acid rain put in place by large companies poluting the air as well as your car and mine putzing around town!

2) As previously stated by another gentlman on this board, I believe the thread read-Trash! Litter bugs/aka general idiots whom have no common sense to see the impact on there discarded cigarette butts, beer cans, and vehicle tires on the eco system as a whole!

3) Taking into account the message board! There are over a thousand members to this board alone. Lets just take a third of them and say that they live within close proximity to the park and fish it on there weekend's off just one time on there two day weekend.....That's around 300 board members seeing some stretch of the GSMNP at some point and time during the week! Now add in the usual summer time crowd that lingers in Townsend, let alone Gatlinburg, and you have your self a whole lot of people in the water attempting to catch trout!

4) Let's also add in that there is also a profilific tuber hatch going off every morning starting around 9am and stretching until dusk or better! Now take into account that these tubers are sliding down an unusually smaller stream than the norm!

Now number 5 is worth listing but really aggrivates me! The NP Service employs somewhere around 4 uniformed officers to patrol Blount, Sevier, and Monroe counties all the live long way to NC. Here's the good part! You and I pay for our beloved fishing license and accompaning trout stamp yearly! A good number to really look at would be how many people illegally fish the park without a license! Lack of officials in the park allow these (for lack of a better term) terds to most of the time get away with it. So with that thought in mind we have individuals in the park whom will come to our park and not contribute one dime to the NP Service or TWRA. Monies that could be dispursed for additional officers and stocking of the very fish they catch! A person that won't pay for a license is more than likely the person who doesn't give a hoot about littering up the very waters we wet lines in!

Now that I have that off my chest....I don't quite know what numbers your looking for but I can say this! The fish are under stress and yes they probably will survive seeing as they have endured many years of nature's worst abuse, but when the added factor of man contributes to the stress is certainly doesn't help matters at all. The fish didn't see that kind of stress 30 yrs ago let alone a thousand!!! I think I'd be taking this from another weary thread but I honestly don't think that visitors to the park are our main source of littering! It's the good ol boys that just really only care about them selves! I would imagine that most of the streams you are refering to that are out west don't see the type of idiotic behavior our streams see and most of them are heavily gaurded by it's guides on the water and well manned enforcement efforts!

On another note! I would love to see new law regarding licenses. I think anyone whom is on the water should have to cleary display there license at all times so that it may be seen by everyone and should be able to identify from roadside! Another thing that would be fantastic to see from a law enforcement standpoint would be a vehicle sticker. The sticker would not be renewable and would require changing with change of your license! This way when law enforcement see's a vehicle parked roadside at waters edge and an angler near, all he would have to do is look for the sticker. If there isn't a sticker present on the vehicle he/she would/could closer inspect the anglers closest to the car. This would allow for the "calling out" of a fellow angler! There's no way now, for another angler to know who he/she is sharing the water with. Sad to know you could be getting skunked! You had paid your dues and some terd beside you who didn't pay for his, has the stringer of a lifetime!

Off my soap box but remember, always pick up others trash, take only what you will eat, and leave it as you left it so that your kids and mine can see it as we once saw it! So I don't personally think that it's a matter of turning person's into PETA affiliates, it's just a matter of seeing the actions of other's worsening as days progress! There is an old saying that most people won't change until they hit rock bottom! I hope my child, grand children etc, never have to see that day! This world is long overdue for a change to it's enviornment and how we care for mother earth!

Something else to add people whom don't purchase a license aren't contributing to any form of monies that would be directed towards your very question! Research!

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