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Default ecosystem

Poachers,tubers,trash dumpers,acid rain,nutrientless waters,weather,are all factors to be considered when discussing the SMNP breakdown.
My friend Eric's daughter ,Shannon, is a geographical Phd.She works at NASA where she is a enviromental evaluator of satellite photos of the USA.She dropped by the other day.We talked about pollution and eviromental stuff relative to the Eastern US and SMNP and the destruction of the enviroment that fuels "the delicate ecosystem" that is the Smokies.She believes in 15years the Smoky Mtn ecosysten will begin the detiorate,because of the high levels of carbon monoxide,and other auto emission poisonous bi-products that are currently at almost toxic levels .She said,the Smokies is the most resiliant N.P. in the USA,because it is the most enviromently stressed NP in the USA.The popular trend of luring tourists by the millions into the area will eventually increase emissions to toxic levels that will cause adverse effects to all aspects of the ecosystem.The waters and aquatic life will suffer with decreased levels of oxygen,causing stunted fish,tainted water etc. so we should add emissions,which is invisible and passive.That's what is nice about tubers--you can see them--
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