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Default Mortality

This is a great topic, and I would like to see some studies on the topic. I am not a "tree hugger", but I do care about the environment. I certainly care about the SMNP, and the magnificent opportunity it provides me to fish and enjoy nature. I love catching Brook trout, not because they are bigger and fight better, but because I have such respect for the fact that they have survived for so long despite the destruction of most of their environment. If you have not seen what those mountains looked like after the logging, pick up a book in the visitors center about the history of the mountains. The only way the Brook trout survived was by climbing higher than the loggers could reach. Besides that, they are just beautiful.

I don't blame anyone for wanting to fish these waters, even now. But, I do think we can fish barbless, check the temperature and fish in cooler water, and release the fish as soon as possible as Bryon has suggested. Again, I am not a scientist, but I bet most of us are staying inside when we can, unless we are fishing of course, during these hot days. If it affects us, it surely affects the fish.
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