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Hello all,

I guess I will join this interesting discussion. I fished twice in the Smokies last weekend, at Road Prong and Walkers Prong. The temps were 62 and 63 on Saturday and Sunday on those streams. The water levels were pretty low though, and the fishing was moderate. I can't imagine how bad it is on Little River right now at lower elevations and other lower waters. I think it's a good thing Byron that you are suggesting that people check the temps and only fish if conditions are appropriate. I guess one could argue that higher fish mortality from catching trout under stressful conditions might create conditions that allow for larger fish the follwing year, but that not seem to be very conscientious way to look at the ecosystem. The best thing that can come out of a severe drought situation like we're encountering in TN is that people become more aware of the environment and understand better how to adjust to its changes. Hopefully, the drought doesn't roll into next year, and things will get back to normal in the Smokies and in the southern U.S.

I will be quiet now, LOL.

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