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Hans, I understand your concern. I do most of my fishing in tailwaters, primarely the South Holston. Every time I hook a fish in such a way that I might injure it, I find myself saying "probably should just take this one on home". In our tailwaters I aslo catch a lot of fish that are greatly disfigured from previous catch & release efforts and I often think again "probably should have just taken that one home". Some will ask how do we know whether the fish would rather be disfigured or eaten. That is not part of the question for me, I'm fairly certain that the fish would rather not be caught at all. The problem I encounter is that I am not reallly prepared to take my catch home. Because I practice C&R all the time I do not have the equipment on me to properly kill and store the fish, therefore I am left with trying to revive and release a damaged fish, hoping that it will recover. Though I have no problem with people keeping their catch (within the legal limit) I will continue to practice catch and release.
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