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Hans, there is nothing wrong with having a conscious. Personally, I practice c&r, but that is my personal choice. I have in the past, kept fish I knew were too injured to return to the water and have in the past, kept stockers since they rarely survive between seasons any way. For almost the last decade or so, I have not kept the fish. Again, that is a personal choice. Regarding the positions of TU and FFF. While I am also a member of both, I don't always see eye to eye on some of their positions. I don't think that makes me any less of a member or any less of a sportsman. As the number of fishermen decline, the fish population should be regulated to increase the healthier number of the population as well increase the over all size of the fish. That is the reason I do think it's acceptable to keep fish, if you are going to eat them. Again, I think it's admirable that this issue presses on your mind and you are concerned about it. To me, it's like the difference between a player and an athlete. A player is simply someone who participates in his/her given sport. On the other hand, an athlete is someone who works to make them selves the best that they can be in their sport, whether it's physical training or devoting one self to make their sport better. Simply put, an athlete is the one who will go the extra mile for their sport. You are no different than an athlete. You have a conscious awareness of your impact or footprint in nature and work to preserve or even better the environment for future generations. God has endowed us with the rights of stewardship for the environment and we should do what is necessary to protect it, for ourselves and for those coming after us.
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