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Very good insight so far. I understand the dilemma of feeling guilty for killing a living thing. I guess I'm not really feeling anguish over that. It is more about the ethical thing of playing a fish and make it suffer just for the thrill of a bent rod. Is that acceptable or not. That is the problem I have had the last few months.

Like or not but even a viewer of nature indirectly causes harm to nature. You even can go so far as to say, with every step you take outside you run the risk of stepping on an insect or some other living thing. Then you can argue what makes a Trout more valuable than an ant?

No, for me the problem is not so much a responsible harvest of a resource. I eat meat so if that bothered me then I wouldn't eat living things. No it's the enjoyment of fishing just for sport and this is the problem we are facing if we are ever going to win over anti fishing groups. I am afraid that Catch and Release fishing will be used against us more and more by these groups in the future.

I understand all the reasons behind no kill regulations and the conservation ideas behind it, but what makes it acceptable to chase a fish and then release it back. It is comparable to Fox hunting. In Scandinavia we kill the fox we don't chase it for hours just to enjoy it being harassed. If I feel bad about that how can I continue catch and release fishing. Just a thought to sleep over tonight.

I'm very grateful for everyone's input. I am also glad that we are keeping it civil. It's not really about how I feel about what others do, it's more about my own feelings and how I should come to term with it.
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