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No you are not nuts, and I'm afraid I am as guilty as others of not respecting a shiner as much as a Brown Trout. yes to answer your question I think it is guilt on a degreed scale. The hierarchy goes something like this. Fish belonging to salmon, trout or char family are first. Fish belonging to Sunfish and or perch and pike family next, Fish that are non game etc etc. With risk of taking this discussion too far, It's kind of the same thing we do in the world as a whole. Regardless of our politics or upbringing, we value some people more than others as well as some animals more than others. It's not right but we do either consciously or more sublime without thinking about it.

To get back to the original discussion. Yes, I'm afraid I have put the trout and salmon species on a pedestal. This leads me to another though. Where on that hierarchy comes my wife in. LOL.
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