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Okay, I understand the part of why we use C&R and the potential benefit and the potential negatives with it. My intention or dilemma in my original thought is not really so much about that. My question is if it is ethical to play and stress a fish and make it potentially frightened and then release it just for fun. I realize that we can't know for sure if a fish can feel fear or anything like that. I guess we will never know. We all know that animals differ from species to specie on how intelligent and developed they are. I guess this will ultimately lead to the question of how intelligent a fish is? I can assure you that an elephant can feel depression and fear so can my cats when I take em' to the vet. Can a brown trout feel the same? We won't know for sure.

This have been a very interesting topic to me and i feel the same as I did the other day. I think I'm going to change my way of releasing fish. If I feel that a fish I have just caught cant' make it. I.e. if its' bleeding or have some other kind of internal or external damage I will try to keep it if it is legal to do so. I guess this is going halfway over to another side. Not saying that this is a revelation or anything, but sometimes it is good to change some habit in order to stay alert and alive.
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