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Kid - There are 7 or 8 rivers and several streams all around Cleveland that have great Steelhead fishing. Below are 3 sites to check out. The 3rd one is my local fly shop here in Columbus, but they are a great Steelie source and do guided trips. Although it would be possible to handle a Steelie with a 5 wt., it wouldn't be easy. Most of the time, the first run is like hooking a passing semi. You may hang on, but you ain't about to stop it. Any fish over 8 lbs. will be a hassle on a 5 wt. especially at only 8'6". My suggestion would be at least a 9' 7wt and an 8 wt. would be even better. Mad River's site also has a Steelhead Report, so you'll want to keep an eye out for when the run starts. It will go from Sept. to April. Try it if you want another addiction.
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