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Maybe everyone is still worn out from the big Clinch debates that went on in the board a few months back? I'm all for a slot limit as well. Since I moved back to Knoxville about 2 months ago, I've fished the river exclusively, I love the fact that I can fish for 3 hours and be home by noon. Thinking a bit further, I can think of two good spins to sell the slot limit to the public.

1) Having a happy fisherman (or woman) home by noon rather than a tired one home after dinner after driving two hours each way to the S Holston may just drive down the area divorce rate considerably!

2) By my odometer, I can get to several spots on the Clinch in 30 miles, while the closest spot on the S Holston is well over 100. Here's my slogan "Slot Limits on the Clinch, Reducing our Dependence on Foreign Oil"

Honestly though, I would think that placing a slot limit on the river would lower the number of trout you would have to stock annually. Considering that the second article in the New Sentinal last week discussed possible cuts in the TWRA budget, I would think that most people would be in favor of stocking fewer fish rather than raising the license fees as a way for TWRA to stay solvent.
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