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I think that should make everyone happy.
I don't think it's possible to make everyone happy regardless of the topic being discussed.

In this case, the state should just decide what's best for the fishery and the the majority of the fishermen and pass the law. Once it's passed, it should be enforced.

I'm from Kentucky and as has been stated here a number of times, the Cumberland has slot limits and the sky did not fall.

All of our lakes and streams here have some type of size and creel limit on bass and other game fish.

The tailwaters below Brookville lake (where I do most of my trout fishing) has a limit on brown trout to try and improve the overall fishery.

Bottom-line, I just don't see what all the fuss is over. I don't like driving 20 MPH on the street leading to my house, but that's the speed limit and unless I want to get a hefty fine, I have to drive a max of 20 MPH. It's the law until it gets changed.

I do not have a dog in the hunt. I've never fished the Clinch and probably never will. I fish the Mountains a few times a year and have an interest in all fishing areas and seeing fisheries being well maintained and preserved.

I have seen several of these types of epic battles and in the end, nobody wins and all of the hard feelings and finger pointing ends up being over something that just really does not matter once the day is over.

Size limits are just not that big of a deal. I doubt anyone is living off the fish they catch so a size limit is not taking food out of children's mouths and if it is, then there are bigger problems than size limits of fish.

In my opinion, wWhen all is said and done, the argument is a silly one. The state stocks the fish and the state has the right and obligation to manage the fishery.

Just the opinion from a very opinionated Kentucky fisherman.

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