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Default Delay in response.

I had not missed the thread, however I was waxing and waning over a complete apathy towards this ongoing situation waiting for TWRA to grow a backbone and tell these guys just who is in charge, to trying to control my blood pressure long enough for a response.

I will forward my response to TWRA. I would hope that others will do so as well. Giving up now will certainly be the death nail for the river to advance. Funny thing is. I just got back from Idaho. The best fishing, numbers, not neccessarily size(although I saw some REALLY big fish that obviously were smarter than I am), were from streams that had either C&R restrictions, or two-fish with slot limits(Big Wood River from Bellvue to Ketchum, and Silver Creek). The others ie. Big Lost River in Mackay, ID will never see me again. Public access is limited, NO special regulations, and the fishing absolutely was non-existant secondary to most of the fish in those sections had been fished out.

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