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I found this online:

From Polk Patch, located on the Right Fork of Deep Creek, you can make a day trip across Fork Ridge to fish Left Fork (there’s no trail after you reach the main ridge, so you need to study topo maps carefully) or work upstream from the campsite. Camping farther downstream, you have the option of following the Deep Creek trail in either direction and starting to fish wherever you please.

It was located at:

It appears to be 3 miles from campsite #53 down to the confluence of the Left Fork. If you took the Fork Ridge Trail from #53 (3000') for about .4 miles to Deep Creek Gap (3300'), you would then have to bushwhack down about .1 miles to the Left Fork (2950' at that point). Getting down to the stream may be the easy part. You definitely need to be careful to mark where you started so that you can find the trail when you attempt to get back out. Take a Topo Map and a compass. Or you could fish down to the confluence with Deep Creek and take the Deep Creek trail back to CS #53.

Here is a Topo of the immediate area:

When were you thinking about attempting it?

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