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Default Steep

Originally Posted by marktronic View Post
How severe would a 350 foot descent be over .10 of a mile (528') distance? Maybe it sounds worse than it is...
Thats a pretty good grade. You'll probably have to switchback-and-forth going down to the stream and scramble on all fours going up. Since you'll wind up covering around .2 miles to get to the stream, you're looking at a rate of 1750' per mile. Most of the tougher trails are over 600' per mile (of course you only have to go a short distance, so it shouldn't be too bad). Just make sure you have a well-sighted point to aim for, or you could wind up lost. Although if you do miss your mark, as long as you head east, you will eventually run into Deep Creek and should be able to find your way back to CS#53.

Advice: Take a compass and a map!
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