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Default bushwhackin'

Also, remember that there's not alot of soil on the slopes( loose, thin soil can suddenly give way and leave you sliding down the mtn on yur backside - don't ask! ha!), and with decaying leaves and rocky outcrops(falls and snakes are possible), it's not the safest thing to do. that said, I've done a similar bushwhacking trip for about three years now, and there's no better way to get to unpressured fish. But you should go with someone - going alone is asking for trouble, IMHO. And do heed the advice of others and take a map, etc. it's easy to think you're on one ridge, and you're actually a couple of ridges over, or to think you're on the right trail(usually deer trails in this case) and you're going the wrong way.
Spending the night out in the cold might not kill ya, but it sure isn't any fun......but if you get to walk along the Blue Ridge Parkway at 3 am, it's a nice walk with no traffic. Just watch out for the rattlers( which mostly don't have heads since they've been run over several times by 3am. LOL )

again.....don't ask how i know this. haha. it's a heckuva long story.

be careful and good luck. maybe we could get a couple of pictures of the creek?
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