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Default Painting a different picture!

In the midst of things I was watching my daughter tear up the floor (litter the floor) with toys from her earlier in the day b-day party. I'm sure I had a few things mixed up! A great documentary non the less. I really wish I could have watched a little more intently...They had a few wide shots of the Sacramento Dam System making it look miniscule in size. It's amazing to think samon make it over such gigantic hurdles. I believe one of the biologists said they live in stream for around four years before decending to the ocean and then upon reapproach to the stream only 1 out of 100 make it back past all the hurdles and predators! Amazing these guys can make it past the dam. I don't know what part of the river the Iron mountain lies on, but that stream had an appearance of a steeply falling, signifigantly smaller Hiawassee river or slighly larger, quicker moving Elkmont stream appearance to it. There was a specific clip in the documentary that focused on a "non" tribe of natives that were rebelling on raising the dam. The clips they showed looked like a small East TN stream, but thinking back on it the leader of the un official tribe did say that since the construction of the dam, it had already sank many sacred (loss of word here),,,,,ritual spots.

I'd love to visit this river system before they raise the dam. TV definately put a different perspective on things. I wish I had that picture in my head to paint for myself so consider yourself lucky KY. I hope in the picture there was a fish or two!

You also changed my perspective on why there wanting to raise the dam...I now need to go and do some research on Hydro-electricity! I thought the purpose in raising the dam was to lower water levels and properly divert water were they wanted and when they wanted!

Good insight thanks KY,
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