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Originally Posted by CinciVol View Post

Maybe everyone is still worn out from the big Clinch debates that went on

I have other commitments and have been slow to respond. Worn out, try over 8 years of this battle

1) Having a happy fisherman (or woman) home by noon rather than a tired one home after dinner after driving two hours each way to the S Holston may just drive down the area divorce rate considerably!

Have you tried the Holston? it may be closer

2) By my odometer, I can get to several spots on the Clinch in 30 miles, while the closest spot on the S Holston is well over 100. Here's my slogan "Slot Limits on the Clinch, Reducing our Dependence on Foreign Oil"

This is not directed at you but there are two slogans we had. “There is more to fishing than fishing” and “There is nothing wrong with this river that getting rid of the snobs and slobs won’t cure”

Honestly though, I would think that placing a slot limit on the river would lower the number of trout you would have to stock annually.
TWRA stock some many fingerlings, and so many catchables, and lord only knows how many fry they have thrown in that cannot be found. The catchables have a short survival rate. Then they disappear. No explanation except that it is not from being caught. The fingerlings and their survivability are what make that fishery.
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