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Originally Posted by Rockyraccoon View Post
THe slot probably wouldn't lower the number of trout stockings needed.

You are correct. It appears TWRA has done a over kill. Most of the fish are fry they have thrown in and have little to no survivability

IT would however, increase the numbers of quality fish in the proposed slot limit.

Quality an interesting word. TWRA talks of different peoples ideas on quality being vastly different

So, once the fish reach the slot they will be protected. They would still be fair game before they reach the protective slot. So, the folks who want to take some home can,

Many in the "catch and harvest" crowd feel that the 14-20 in fish are better tasting.

So all should be happy and we should all start seeing more of those Clinch torpedos that we all love to tangle with.
I have seen and tangled with plenty of them this year and in years past.

Glad to see where someone the other day someone recognized you for your good service. I sent you a email the other day I hope you got it
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