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Default Increase in fishing pressure

Hello all,

Here is another factor to throw into the mix. I am currently at a conference in Washington and the projected population numbers are that the Southeastern portion of the US will grow by 30% in the next 20 years while the northeast and great lakes region will either remain constant or decline. Some areas such as East TN and N GA are expected to grow upwards of 40% in that time frame. Along with this increase in population is increase in fishing and hunting pressure. If the pressure on our tailwaters, I am primarily speaking of the Clinch, is great now, do we wait until the pressure is even greater and then try to remedy the situation. I believe that we should start working to improve the fishery now before unforseen problems arise and make it absolutely necessary to make adjustments.

Just for the record out of the people I have talked to regarding this topic the numbers are 14 for the slot limit and 2 against. Of those people 9 were FF's and 7 were bait/spin fisherman.


P.S. If this population boom happens as projected, I think I will be house hunting in Utah or Idaho.

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