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RW, I appreciate and respect your posting. I also saw your origins in Harlan which does explain your defense of the landowners. Being raised in Eastern KY and SE KY, one learns first hand how much damage the outsiders can cause to the natural landscape, i.e. coal.

On the other hand, I understand and have seen first hand, what happens when landowners are able to control a waterway that should for all practical purposes, be open to the public. In Pennsylvania, there are a number of streams now closed to the public because of the landowner/waterway rights. Other streams have the rights purchased by fishing clubs to restrict access to members only. My fear is that may be what's happening to the Clinch, inadvertently. In the end, while the entire public is supporting the Clinch, only a select few may be able to enjoys its benefits. There must be an acceptable middle ground developed to protect the landowners but also further develop the Clinch, more for future generations than ours. If that means the introduction to slot limits, that may be a start. What we want to avoid is an us versus them mentality. The important thing to remember, if slot limits don't work, it is simple to reverse them. If the issue of streambed ownership is enacted, who are the real winners?
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