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Hi Running Wolf, Uh Oh! Here we go again.

First let me say that I know you are not questioning my integrity and I surely wouldn’t question yours. You and Mrs. Running Wolf will always be friends of mine even if I can’t convince you to change your position and that of LUCRO. But I’m still going to try. Or, maybe you will change mine. Who knows. I also know you are intelligent. Your career alone tells me that.

I have met some of the folks who represent LUCRO and they were nice to me even though they knew I was not on their side of the unfortunate dispute that happened a few years ago. And, maybe in some ways I was on their side. I sort of understood their beef back then but I don’t understand it now.

You made some good points in your last post referring to my comments earlier. You said some things that made sense that I had not thought of before. I guess that’s one of the reasons I like debating with you.

I would like to ask you some questions.

I am having trouble understanding what you meant when you said: “The Clinch has a major group who compromise 83-85% of the fishery who do not want them.” Did you mean that 83% to 85% of the people who fish the Clinch are opposed to regulation changes? Or did you mean that they own 83% to 85% of the land on the Clinch?

How is LUCRO structured. Do they have a President, a Board of Directors, Bylaws and do the members vote on the position the organization takes?

When the President or official leader of LUCRO speaks on behalf of the organization how many people is he or she representing and can that be documented? Do they have membership dues? Are they asked to renew their membership on an annual basis or are they all life members?

How would the President or official leader respond when asked, “Why is your organization against a slot limit on the Clinch River?”

Would you say that LUCRO is against any management ideas that would limit the harvest of trout?

Is LUCRO a 501-3C non-profit organization?

How are they funded?

In your extensive research did you learn how many different individuals fish the Clinch River at least once a year?

Note: RW is a friend and a great guy in my opinion. Mrs RW is a fine lady. Either of them would not do anything to hurt my feelings and I wouldn’t hurt them over this issue or any other. It wouldn’t be worth it. I would just as soon forget the whole thing.

Dubbing just said hey to both of you.

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