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Default Public apology to Running Wolf

Hey RW.
I think I need to apologize to you. I really think I have figured this all out. I think you are either on the payroll of LUCRO or you just get private access for your continued listings of this data that no one else has but you. Where is all this data you keep throwing out? BTW, don't you think if the river was great then more people would make a visit to it, spend some money in Anderson Co.,

Two. I believe you and Mr. Kline are getting or should get some advertising together for TV ads with postings "Have you ever been forced to release a fish on a trout stream, bass lake, or saltwater in the US due to regulations,, If so, you might be intitled to recieve compensation'" Call 1-800-BAD-SCIENCE!
You guys have it figured out........EVERY FISH MANAGEMENT IN THE COUNTRY IS RIPPING OFF THE POOR MAN, TAKING FOOD FROM THE KIDS, AND FORCING YOU INTO SOME EVIL LIFESTYLE CALLED ....CATCH AND RELEASE and FISHERIES MANAGEMENT! If we all practice your way of thinking it would be great....I could kill 20 deer a year,and for sure would wipe out that flock of turkeys that are eating the seed out of my winter food plots RIGHT NOW!

If you think I am being stupid, I am not the one calling CATCH and RELEASE and slot limits evil.

Again, LUCRO and I quess you have controlled this river for 16 years.. Let TWRA change it for 3, if it doesn't work.....CHANGE it back!!
I am a great admirer of spectator sports, especially on television; it keeps the riffraff off the trout streams.
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