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That light you are seeing ahead is not the end of the tunnel, it's an oncoming train.

This whole thing is a train wreck looking for a place to happen.

What a mess.

There are enough anti-hunting, anti-fishing, anti-gun groups out there trying to take away our ability to fish, hunt, and even enjoy the parks and national forests, that we need to stand united against the ones who really mean our way of life harm.

This kind of bickering among fishermen (or hunters depending upon the issue) divides us, causes hard feelings and makes it just that much easier for the camel to stick his nose under the corner of the tent.

Unfortunately, it sounds like this one has gone beyond the possibility of "fixing" and the battle lines are drawn with soilders (lawyers) entrenched in their positions and ready to suck the blood out of all involved.

It's really a shame. I'm very happy I do not live close enough to have a dog in the hunt, but watching it from afar is just like watching two trains heading opposite directions on the same track.

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