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I will get back to you latter on most of this.

The people I know that know of you have respect for you for a variety of reasons some of it is the way you conduct yourself even when you disagree. You have never exhibited a look down your nose attitude. You have been a big help in the past with education projects that the chapter was involved in in the watershed and that was made known. I don’t think anybody that knows who you are would have any problems with you anywhere. There is also two guides I know of, both who are in favor of special reg’s who have the respect of other fishermen on the river mainly for the manner in which they conduct themselves. Sad I cannot say this to be true of others.

If you read the reports you will see that the agency said that they expected a shift away from Knox County users due the trout fishery on the Holston. As it has developed many former Clinch users from Knox County have gotten access on private property they have stopped coming to the Clinch as TWRA predicted.

The numbers of people using the Clinch has stayed relative constant. I can and will try to post that data latter. If I find where the other comes from I will send it to you. There is so much that I have seen from my involvement with the Clinch River Chapter of Trout Unlimited, the State Council of TU that I am not able to put my hands on it all. There is to much data to look through and relook through for some details. I have 10-12 CD’s full of data, meeting notes, presentations from various users, research from others, etc. That is before we consider the written reports we discussed and some of the raw data I have that those reports are generated from. As you know I took very seriously my positions with TU and tried to learn as much as I could about the river that went beyond personal observations and experiences, as did my wife. I also a have a good memory for details of issues that concern me and as much as I tried to forget about this once when we left TU I still recalled most of it. I am not infallible, but I try and give as honest of facts and data as I know them, We did discuss the logic as well as to why it would fit. I did find some that corresponded to another river that fit the same pattern this evening. I am not going to lose sleep over it and as soon as this is over I plan on storing everything again.

As I have said early and posted the data the fish are there in more numbers than at the end of the quality zone. The fishery is very dependent on those 4-5 in fingerling trout, the hundreds of thousands of fry the agency dropped in where a waste they rarely if ever find any of them, the catchables are pretty much a waste as well IMO as most of them disappear from the fishery in a very short time and no one knows why. I have a theory. But that is for another day.

However as the agency has noted some sizes of trout cannot survive long in the Clinch with extended flows of 12,000, 15,000 and 17,000 CFS and those flows happened for weeks.

We don’t know for sure how long the average trout lives in the Clinch tailwater, I do believe that is a study that is currently going on. However there is no way to pass a regulation that is based on a natural occurrence that is unpredictable and is ludicrous IMO to do so. The data shows the fish are there in better numbers than in the past especially in the larger sizes, the quality of the fish and river is still good. I have had no problems catching a wide variety of sizes and larger fish, I do not see others having that problem either. In fact the last creel survey shows the Clinch had the 3rd highest catch rate ever recorded in Tenn.

The Clinch is one of the more difficult fisheries for people to fish especially if you do not fish it regularly; we got that comment from many fishermen who have fished all over the country. In fact some of my former chapter members say if you can catch fish regularly on the Clinch you can go anywhere and catch fish. We have fished some of the more difficult waters in Pa and had no problem much to the dismay of some locals.

It is a technical beast most of the time anymore. I can’t begin to count the number of fly fisherman who appear to be make presentations to birds more than they do the fish and who have scared off entire pods by their style. But then, I am as I have been told I am one of those dumb boys, (as I fish downstream, don't use a bobber, rarely false cast, etc.) who don’t know the proper way to fly fish. That’s ok too, I have never been happier with the amount and size of fish I catch and for the most part anymore don’t care if I catch any or not. It is peaceful to be out there except for when the snide remarks start and that had tailed off to tolerable levels latley. However, I expect that to increase again as well as more and more people find out about the proposal and tensions rise between the various user groups.

As a note Byron isn’t it sad that the Milton Hill Reservoir most likely plays a key role in the trout fishery in the tailwater and noone has done any studies on that resource and its effects

Got to run sorry if this is some what of a ramble and poorly worded but after my wife’s Dr.’s appt.’s, having a wisdom tooth pulled, other dental work, other Dr.s appt.’s, meetings etc.this week I am beat and feel worse than I did after working 7 days a week 16 hrs a day during one of our refuel cycle’s

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