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Default Clinch Proposed Slots

Where do these numbers come from? I have never been asked any questions on the Clinch and there was a time I fished it often and well. I left (as have the tourists who used to travel to fish it often) when it became a dink hole.
It used to be routine to see Nashville, Ky and Ohio tags parked there. Now those people go to the Cumberland, Caney, Watauga and the South Holston. Slot limits have worked everywhere they've been tried, reference the Caney, Cumberland and South Holston. Sure there is still the rare brown in the river that grows up, they are more and more rare. The bows grow faster and live a shorter life typically, but they can grow, my best rainbow from the Clinch was 24", probably caught in 1996 or 1997, that was probably a 2-3 year old fish.
The slot would still allow the meat hunters to harvest their take, I don't mind keeping a trout, (they taste pretty good with some hot sauce in the rib cavity) just don't keep them all. That river is a resource for all Tennesseans and license holders, not just the landowners on the river, they don't own the waterway.
There will have to be some enforcement on the river though, without it this point is mute, the meathunters don't abide by the current limits as it is.
It is time to put a slot in and watch what happens, if the enforcement is there, it will show improvement.
Other than that I'm a pretty open minded guy!
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