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Default Utterly aggrivating!

I....I...I just don't get it!? Silence. I hate seeing a one sided argument and I'll have to tag along with dad to figure out what is really going on! Obviously it's more than meets the eye! What I'm really interested in hearing is, of course, LUCRO's standpoint on the changes why they oppose such changes. Do they oppose all changes, some, or one! More importantly if there are some intently reading and watching what is said, why keep quiet. Those whom are reading, nothing can be done with out saying it...More importantly you all are going to look foolish when you all do voice your opinions at the meeting and not sooner. In stead of saying something now that would possibly sway the "other" parties, who agree with the change. Still again, not a minority!

Silence won't help your cause and like I said earlier "Pointing the finger" and saying it's wrong with out actually proposing a change or putting up good numbers that are set in stone as to actual anglers not wanting a change won't help LUCRO's cause! I'm yet again, out of breath and want some answers....It looks as if there isn't any right now and I, along with many others, will just have to wait until the 24th! Till then!

Byron look forward to seeing the crew as usual and listening in to further info on this issue!

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