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For those who may not know - and how many of those on this board could that be - here's the exact text from the TWRA press release this past August:

"Clinch River from Norris Dam downstream to HWY 61 bridge- 14-20 inch protected length range on trout, with a 7 trout creel limit allowing only one fish in creel limit to be greater than 20 inches. There were no gear, tackle, or bait restrictions associated with this proposal."

And here's a link to the TWRA memo from which I have quoted.

As you can see, the proposed regs for the Clinch were almost lost among the many other regs proposed for other streams and lakes in region 4. I haven't heard any uproar over the other proposed regs. Kinda makes me even more suspicious of the opposition to the Clinch regs.

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