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Default Why I Fly Fish

This is a very interesting thread and a soul provocking thought line.
I can personally remember how it began for me. I was a small child who grew up in the edge of the mountains with very many neighbors and friends who shared this love that goes with the sport. There was the mystique of the mountains and the lure of catching beautiful fish on a stream. I was around it, but not into it until I was ten years old. After my first trip, I was hooked for life. I followed flyfishing, and many other outdoor sports, all thru my adult life. Almost all of the others have fallen to the wayside, as time has passed, and flyfishing has stayed at the top as I have progressed thru the stages of life. Nothing has the physical and spiritual drawing that the lure of being in the mountains can have. Nothing completes this setting like being in a trout stream where you are at peace with yourself. As I have moved into the guiding stage of flyfishing, I feel like I have been "Walking the Dream" that so many feel calling them, when you know that you have found the ultimate form of relaxation and work that can be combined. I hope that each one of you that follow the sport, and have your own unique experience while doing it, will pass on to others the feelings of pleasure and contentment that you receive while spending time on the stream.
Hugh Hartsell---East Tenn.
Hugh Hartsell---East Tenn.

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