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Default Why I Fly Fish

As I think back some odd 45 years ago, that is when I got my first flyrod, a Southbend. I think it was a 6 weight. Oh the pleasure I had with that old fiberglass rod! I was born and raised in Eastern, Ky., and still live near that small creek. I would wade fish and catch smallmouth bass on a popping bug.
I did this for several years. Then in the late 60's, I started bass fishing with spinning gear. Then in the 70's, the tournament craze hit. I did this for several years. It became more work than pleasure. I soon grew tired of that. I sold the boat and quit fishing until my son was in Johnson City, Tennessee, attending East Tennessee State University. I had fished all my life except for the two years, I was in the army.
While visiting my son in Johnson City, I stopped in Mahoney's Store. I spent sometime in the fly department. I had thoughts of fly fishing in years gone by. This sparked a new life and a renewing of an old love. And yes, I did buy a new Sage rod while there. My thoughts were fly fishing for trout. With all the experience bass fishing, I found out quickly that trout on a fly was different. I didn't catch a trout the first four or five trips, and the first one was just plain luck.
I started reading everything I could get my hands on about fly fishing for trout. My fly fishing started to improve. I have fished small mountain streams and different tail waters. One person on this board said, "I believe that God created Yellowstone just to sit back and look at it." I believe that is true. But all fly fisherman no matter where we fish for trout, think the mountains and tailwaters are beautiful. Someone once said, "I like trout just because of the real estate they live in."
At the age of 59, I still love it and enjoy God's handiwork. I thank Him for the abilities He has blessed me with, and this wonderful country that I am fortunate enough to have as my homeland.

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