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Default The reason I started flyfishing

The desire to fly fish started about 13 years ago on my first trip to the Smoky Mountains. I had grew up with my great uncle and aunt who lived by means of the land. 4 days out of the week my great uncle would work the gardens and raise fishing bait to sell, then one day a week we would go fishing or hunting for a small treat at supper. I remember looking up to this man as if he were a Demigod. I would go through his tackle and dream of the day I could own such fine equipment. But there was always this one rod and small tackle box he had that would always get my attention. It was his fly rod and box. So I grew up believing there was some magic, some hierarchy or some unfound wisdom that came with this equipment. As I grew older and got married my wife and I came to the mountains and there my love began. One guided trip and a 6wt rod purchase led me to where I am today. Now I fly fish for saltwater and fresh along with dreaming of my next trip on the water. The art of fly fishing must be the only fishing to be allowed in GODS heavenly kingdom. Only its art, beauty and mystery can last for all of eternity.
Romans 10:9-10 KJV
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