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Default Hazel Creek 9,10,11 nov

I would guess we would just plan on meeting at the Fontana Village Boat Dock whenever youall can get there. I would shoot for 10:00 am, but anytime would really be fine, just so we could meet. 10, 11,12,1:00. If someone was going to be late, they could just catch the next ferry. We may work out details about food and equipment. I have a couple of backpacking tents, one sleeps 2, the other three (really 2 and stuff, both have full flies. Small stove and lantern. We would find out what time to meet the ferry on Sunday and make sure we got there in time. If anybody hears about a large group going that weekend I would reschedule. Last time I went the Atlanta TU Chapter was up there with about 40 people, pretty much a mess.
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