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Default Hazel Creek Dates?

Hey all,
I found out from my wife(I already knew this) that my plans mean nothing. So you all think about some dates that will work, throw them out once more and maybe we can get together. I would like to do a Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Saturday, Sunday, Monday. Maybe the week after, of course then we are the weekend ahead of Thanksgiving. I have not been up there in 6 or 7 years either.
Trevor, the fishing is picking up on Snowbird, the smaller bows are already in the river as are the browns. The fish I caught last weekend were all in the 11-14" range. Might have stretched one to 15" but no larger. I did see some big browns in a deep hole but they saw me first.
Back to Hazel, there was an article in the Graham Sentinel about a visit to the grave yards up there. The columniist mentioned the "Brown Hole" on Hazel having had no less than 20 fish estimated from 18'-26"! I would have lost all composure at that point, dropped the flowers and produced the pack rod!
Anyway maybe we can salvage this trip, life is just tooooo hectic!
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