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I just got back. The proposed slot limit passed committee. The actual vote will be tomorrow but it will probably pass there too. They almost never fail after passing committee. The new regulations will be effective March 2008. Two people from LUCRO got up and spoke against. Me and several other people spoke in favor of the regulation and plan. It's funny, I sat next to a guy for a couple of hours. He and I listened to everything that was going on and we never spoke to each other. After I spoke and sat down, he leaned over and said he reads the fishing report. There were a lot of people there in favor of the slot limit. One was a landowner on the Clinch who I have never met. He spoke too.

One of the most interesting fisheries issues was changing the size limit on smallmouth bass in most of the lakes to 18". Some lakes have an 18" limit but most don't. There were people against that and said that big time bass tournaments wouldn't be held in Tennessee and we would lose a lot of revenue. A guy who represents one of the large bass tournament organizations stood up and was in favor of the regulation change.

Interesting day.

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