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Default It aint over until...well, until its over

I wanna say thanks for that. Even though I am only 17, I seem to get very sentimental about fishing w/ family and friends and special days on the water (all days are special really..) But I do want to remind everyone that even though it seems like the end of the year is right upon us, remember it aint over yet! Seems like, last year, some of my best days fishing were this month and early December. But im not one to count things like taht....

And another thing, Jeff, thanks for introducing your son to this "addiction" we all call flyfishing. Im afraid that there just arent enough younger people holding fly rods.

As far as growing up...well, I think Im expected to that in the next year. I start college next fall and every morning I wake up and say "Justin, are we gonna grow up today? Nah! Theres always tomorrow.." And, tomorrow comes, but here I am still fighting it.
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