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Most of the major trails in the areas like Elkmont and Tremont are the remains of lumber train is amazing how high these trains used to get on the mountains....a good read on this is a book called The Last Train to Elkmont....when I was younger I used to fish up the right fork of FCP where there was not supposed to be a trail back down....if you knew where to look there was an old railroad bed that was overgrown with moss and etc....the cross ties were mainly rotten and the rails were gone but the bed was still there and it was a lot easier than climbing back down the river....I have followed many a game trail and had to back track where it went where no mere mortal man could go uncle still talks about some of the oldtimers that knew of some of these forgotten trails and could get between spots where no map shows a guess is that some of these may still be around but mostly you are asking for a lot of trouble if something happened to you while off exploring....
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