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PA is correct, March can be quite unpredictable weatherwise. You might be better off over on Deep Creek or Noland Creek. If the weather turns really bad, you'd be able to get out easier. If you go to Eagle or Hazel, you'll have to depend on a water taxi to take you across the lake.

That being said, Eagle and Hazel are both more remote than Deep Creek or Noland Creek, if thats what is most important to you. I'm not sure the fishing will be much better on any of them over any other, but Deep Creek has almost as much history as Hazel Creek and probably more than Eagle Creek.

If the water temps are good you can probably do quite a bit of dry fly fishing, and if so the usual suspects work well to the backcountry trout. Namely Parachute Adams, EHC, BWOs, Light Cahills and Stimulators (plus other favorites that I know others would add). But, presentation is much more important than pattern. You should look at some of the older threads in the Smoky Mtns Forum and you can get a good idea of what folks were using the last two Marchs and what the weather was like and where they were catching fish.

As far as high stickin'; that really depends on where you are fishing and how you are fishing. Many of the brookie streams can be that way with dry flies and some of the bigger streams you can get away with that with nymphs, but I wouldn't say you would be able to do that with dries on some of the bigger streams. The most important thing down here is to adapt. You may have to change tactics from pool to pool. Stealth is the key more than anything else. And keep moving. Don't waste too much time casting to a trout that isn't interested. After about 2-3 casts I would probably move on. He's either spooked or not interested. If after a number of pools you haven't interested the fish, change flies or tactics. The fish are as selected on particular patterns but a good drift is critical. That's my $.02 synopsis!

Welcome and keep asking questions!
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