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Welcome Indianafly,

99 % of my FF takes place in the back country of the park. I have fished the Eagle system and its tribs many times. Here are some bullet statements to consider for you and your dad's trip.

Weather- Can change in an instant and the local weather forecast my or my not be of help. Different altitudes of the park have their own micro-climate and the best bet is to be prepared for all contingencies. Plan well and you will be richly rewarded! I've fished 70 degree days and had the night temps plummet and rains swell the river to the point that I almost didn't make it out! Just sayin

Stream Crossing- You have hiked this stream so you know whats in store. If its really cold the “multiple” crossings are going to bite. If you come behind a bunch of rain it could be very dangerous. If it rains hard one night you my be stranded in cold and high water conditions and have to wait it out(carry extra food) Even high altitude rains can be a beast. Ummm, I've had this happen.

Gear- Pack light-freeze at night! More than likely you have hiking/camping experience from your post. Again, plan well and enjoy.

Fly Fishing- You mentioned size of fish. I was surprised at the size of the fish in this stream. The lower section above fontana will hold the larger fish of course. Depending on how far you are going to hike up, the tribs offer a good time,especially if you like fishing small streams like me.

Flies- Lots of info already given. I like dry fly fishing! I'm not a purist,but darn close. I hardly ever fish any thing other than an EHC(brown,green,back), BWO, Yellow Stimi and Para-Adams, yup even in the early spring. I usually use sizes #12 to #20. I carry others but they never see the water and are just eye candy at camp.

Trail- You are right,the trail above #97 is impassable and there is NO fishing to be had!

Solitude- This time of year and with its location you will most likely have the place to yourself. But don't be surprised to see a couple of ol'timers that stomp this ground 4 seasons and the obligatory hikers. Maybe even me. I'll be above #97 trying to clear a trial for others?

Have a great trip, and give um a sore lip.
"Great things are done when men and mountains meet." William Blake (For general interest in the Middle Tennessee area)

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