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Hey Indi,

I typically solo hike into all my waters and never take the water shuttle to Eagle or Hazel. So by the time I get there and set up camp i am a little tired and ready to wet a line. I will enter the water at camp and fish upstream for the remainder of the day and hike back to camp that evening. On day #two I hike down stream that morning and fish back to camp. I cover a lot of water!

Since you are with your dad and most likely taking the shuttle over,you will be fresh and have a couple of options.
  1. flip-flop each other and either start at camp and fish up or hike down stream and fish up. Works well either way.
  2. Split up and one hike down and one fish up and meet back at base camp that evening.
Since you have 3 days I would consider multiple base camp sites? After a day or 2, get up the next morning hike up to the next site,or down, set up camp
(this is what I always do)and hit some fresh water. You will be surprised how much water you will cover and will be looking for more. 3 days on the same water is a looong time. And don't be confounded by all the over growth initially at the small streams. While they can be quiet tangly, they usually open up and offer some exquisite smoky mountain solitude FF.
  • I was joking a little about the trail above #97. But it's what helps keep this place less traveled. In my opinion it's the most difficult piece of trail in park. Move up a foot suck air and repeat.
*Wise Fly Fisher say: Do a little "shake down" hike with the "old man" before your trip and a gear lay out. Somebody always forgets something!! Better to discover this at home..

Enjoy..... I gotta go look at some old pic's , I'm getting that back country itch!
"Great things are done when men and mountains meet." William Blake (For general interest in the Middle Tennessee area)

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