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Default Snowbird Dec 8th, 07

Well, after the last outing and the fish from my last post it is time for a big slice of humble pie. This weekend I drove over for the day......... and managed a big goose egg for my efforts. The weather seemed perfect, 61 degrees, cloudy and drizzly most of the day (I fished from about noon to four), saw a few fish, hooked and lost one, had one pretty good fish swim up pretty as you please and eat my big orange indicator, took it slowly, turned with it and of course let go! That is what is so fun about this sport though, no fear of ever mastering it (at least not me!). The one variable that did not look good was that the water was low and clear again, I may have needed to drop back to 5x tippet, never did try that, stuck with the 4x.
We need some rain, that will bring more fish into the creek, it was 44 degrees when I checked at about 2:30.

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