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Hey there Sage, How have you been? I remember the trip this past summer well. The isonychias were popping for us and we'd hit a several risers in a row when the thunder started sounding off in the hills. Jim's response was "roll'em up" !

Guys, You don't know how much I appreciate your prayers.

I guess I'm getting fairly close to a month and so far I've not stumbled at all. I've had a few tough moments but I've not broken.

Over the past few days I've overcome some of my toughest obstacles in the habit of smoking. See, I think a smoking habit is two part. First is the nicotine addiction, and the second is the hand to mouth situation addiction. Both are very tough to break. While the nicorette (almost off it now too) has helped with the nicotine draw, I'm still fighting the situational draw. Anyway, the past few days have seen some of my toughest situations....

1. Driving to and from the river. These drives range from an hour to over three and I use knock out many smokes en route. While I had a few moments of desire....I managed to fight them off.

2. Lunch break on the river. After lunch was served to the clients, I always kicked back and had a smoke.....usually one before lunch and then another once I busted the plates and scrapes.

3. Clients who smoke. In my occupation, when I have clients who smoke....I always let them (It's amazing how much a tobacco habit fits in with a fishing habit) because the whole point of taking a guided trip is to enjoy it. ANd if you can't enjoy it your way, then your just not having the good time you'd hoped for. Well, when I had clients who smoke, I usually just joined in. Today I had a client who smoked like a 55' Falcon (same brand as I use to smoke at that).....and I handled it like a champ.

I know I'm not out of the woods yet because the urges are still strong on occasions. Yet with all the prayers and the strength from the man upstairs....I feel like I'm going to make it up that mountain that seemed so tall at one time.

Thank you guys so much for including me in your thoughts and prayers. I don't know how to thank you all other than letting you know how much it's meaning to me and my family.
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