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I hope you know I was just kidding with you about this new forum.
With that said, I began getting in to fiberglass a few years ago and was perusing the auction sites and message boards. I even joined the fiberglass forum. I think they still are out there. Anyway, I bought and sold a few low end South Bends and even took one 8 footer and cut a foot off of the butt end. I bought a cheap modern graphite reel seat and took some snake guides off of a broken graphite rod I had. I rewrapped the rod and spar varnished the windings. It is a fishbable rod in 7 ft length. It is now a little stiffer but okay to fish with. I had to make a decision if I was going to start buying more expensive rods or build a modern S glass one. I kind of got sidetracked with other stuff and just recently began tying flies again. However I'm interested in talking collectible stuff but I probably won't invest right now.

So that's my story.

Did I understand you right? Did Diamondback fold? their web site is still up. I know Cortland owns them but do you have any later info?
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