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Hans, I don't think that Diamondback has shut down but I have heard that they are discontinuing several rods in their line. All repairs go to New York to Cortland and I have heard from several people say its only a matter of time. Like every American made rod company, its hard to compete with all the foreign made products that are so much cheaper.
I know you were just jiving me Hans!

Jeff, I like the soft tips on the glass rods. The wiggle effect is definitely something someone has to get used to. Dry fly presentations can be very soft and extra light tippet protection are a plus though.
This is a pict. of my lami 3wt with its first fish. A 14" Smallmouth on a popper. The rod was almost bent in half!

fishing for brookies with Bran

One thing you don't have to do with glass or bamboo is overline the rods to slow them down like the stiffer graphites. I used to do that myself to load the rod quicker for small streams and short cast. This is just my personal preferences, everyone has their own likes and dislikes.
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