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Lauxier, I agree with you on several of your comments. I have gravitated over the years to slower rods and now out of curiosity as you said , I'm now trying out cane. Myself, not being a builder or collector, would not buy a cane rod off of ebay. There are several reputatable cane restoration builders that resale rods at good prices.
I do not understand though why you would say,"bamboo is harder to cast than fast action graphites". I've always felt that a slower rod is easier to cast especially at short distances. The rod does most of the work the way it should. You notice that fast rods seem to eventually get overlined to slow them down for short cast ,otherwise the rod feels stiff and hard to load properly. Several of the line manufacturers had to make their lines 1-2 times heavier to slow down all the fast rods just for that purpose.

Canerod, I agree, its the fisherman,not the rod.

Anyone know of a good book that breaks down the different classic cane tapers and the type of action from each?
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