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Default sniping

Sniping is about the only way to do EBay auctions any more. 2 big reasons:

1) When everyone else is doing it, it's the only way to still be competitive.
2) Shill bidding - and this is a bad, bad thing. It is possible, because of the way that EBay automatically stairsteps the bids, for a seller to discover what a person's highest bid is, by using a fake account to bid the price up until the seller discovers the maximal amount that a potential buyer will bid. The only way to prevent this is to snipe. It is nearly impossible for EBay to do anything about it. It happened to me once. I snipe now. I hate doing it, but you'll get ripped off by many of savvy sellers if you don't.

Having said that, I have never used sniping software. Sniping manually is pretty easy with a good Internet connection.
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