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Default bamboo and technology

today,I had a coversation with my hi-tech friend greg,about fly-rods---he does not not use bamboo---he is strictly a graphite man--he laid out the rules of modern fly-fishing for me ,and argued against bamboo fly-rods as opposed to graphite--he was not wrong--he said
1)bamboo is too expensive(the orvis helois is 700 plus dollarsthat is pretty expensive grahite))
2)they are not much in windy conditions,the fast action graphites are much better when weather is a problem( I agree)
3)they are heavy compared to the newer grapites(true,but an ounce or two does not bother me)
4)bamboo is structurally weak compared to graphite,bamboo is easily stressed to the point of splitting every time you get a larger fish on the line(sorry ,I did not buy any of that--a bamboo rod's strength lies in the in the strands of the plant itself,when bamboo is condoned by a rod builder as acceptable for rod building,then the rodbuilder places his reputation on that rod to perform as well as any other rod in it's class.
5)their parabolic action hinders casting because their rod tip is not stable,it flutters at the end of a cast,making the cast lose energy (I do not know what Greg was talking about---maybe you can help)
6)You can buy yourself a top graphite rod immediately---no waiting 6 months(that is right----but--the wait is half the fun of it)
There is no arguing with technology,Greg is mostly right,I would not argue with him---because I know,sure as I am sitting here,that one day,sooner or later,Greg will drift to bamboo,not because it is a superior way of fishing but because we get hi-tech'ed out--we want to get back to fishing ,"in the natural".
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