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Lauxier, I finally got to try out my new/old boo rod today. It was fantastic! Sure it won't throw 90 ft into a wind or feel like a feather in my hand, but it does have something special. It just felt right to be on the water with it, the rod has a history. It started out as a plant growing somewhere in China. probably hand cut by a farmer and sold to an exporter. purchased by the rod company as a culm and hand made into a fine fishing instrument by someone several decades ago. I don't know who the original owner was, and I wonder what streams the rod has tossed a fly across. How many fish were hooked and fought on the rod?
How many years did it sit unused till I received it? I'll never know all these answers but I can tell you that it has found a new home with me for many years to come. Pretty sappy huh?

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