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1)Drew--soul is the correct word I could not think of,when I wrote the above thread,because bamboo once lived and grew,so bamboo is soulful,in fact in about 1968 I remember reading a review in Rolling Stone magazine on the Beach Boy's new album " Pet Sounds"the guy said it was a monumental album because it was so soulful(he was right Pet Sounds is considered one of the best rock albums ever recorded)(if you are stressed give it a listen,relaxation is but a few notes away)which is the same thing you could say about fly-fishing---get on a stream--sound of the water--the cast--you kind of get zen'd out it brings relaxation and before long you are addicted--so---one day---if Alex Trebeck--raises the cover over the statement--bamboo and Brian Wilson----you would reply--What is fly-fishing and "Pet Sounds"--the catagory was connections---you just won yourself some money---I'm sure you will be a better person for reading this reply--I promise not to do it again--Thanks
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