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Default Fishing New Years weekend and the following weekend

Well all I did not get over last weekend but the weekend the fishing was great. As I think I said in my previous post I was not too hopeful for there was as much as 12' of ice coming out from the banks (in slower sections) The water temp and 3:00 pm was 36 degrees. But the fish were in an eating mood! High temp for the day was 51 deg. We found fish in slower deeper runs and almost all came to the Y2K or plain glow bug I will post a few pics, more when I download from the digital to photobucket. The run is great this season! ,[IMG] This is the morning of New Year's Eve. The Temp was pretty cold and the water temp about 38 degr. We did not catch fish that morning. The little guy with dad is Cole Baggett. Ed is starting him off right! shortly thereafter though Cole was heard to utter Mama, he was ready to go see her![/IMG]. Thef second is a fish caught over T-Giving 21" hen, another pig. I will post more later, maybe this evening. Now is the time unless it is just bitterly cold.
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